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Roger Bourdon  

I have been working on the Internet for many years now and have met a great number of the well known Internet Marketers.  I have been coached by some of these inspirational  people, but most recently by the awesome David Cavanagh whose coaching course is the ONLY one I recommend.

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My Recommendations & Resources

To save the same happening to you, I have a list of products of the many thousands and thousands out there, which I have purchased or I feel will benefit anyone looking to market on the Internet. 

Throughout my time building my online businesses I have invested many thousands of dollars in a vast array of software products, much of which I felt I wasted for a variety of reasons.   

The link opposite will also take you to my resources page of software products for those new to Internet Marketing


My Expertise For UK Businesses

Too Busy Managing Your Business To Know If Your Website's Performing?

Does Your Website Generate Leads Overnight?

Does Your Website Have Audio or Video?

Is Your Website Ranked Highly In The Search Engines?

If you answer "no" or "not sure" to any of the above, or if you do not yet have your own website, then let me work with you to greatly increase the performance of your website and boost your Internet presence. 


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Over time I have built a wide variety of sites on differing topics, some of which I hope will be of interest to you - details of which follow

Introduction to Horseback Riding

This site is dedicated to lovers of horses.  It contains plenty of free information in  newsletters, articles and contains loads of resources all about horses.  Products such as books and DVD's are also available for purchase



This site is dedicated to those interested in the skill and riding of horses  known as Equestrianism.  It contains plenty of free information about the activity.


Instant Dog Obedience


This site is for puppy and dog owners and provides everything you need to know in order to fix any puppy or dog problem and to ensure complete obedience from your very first training session.



Self Improvement

A site with a whole wealth of information and resources on Personal Development and Self Improvement.  A wide variety of guides on a large number of different self improvement areas are available.


Asset Protection

The GUARDIAN NETWORK was created to avoid anyone having to suffer the pain of unclaimed monies and keepsakes from their dear departed, and to ensure they go to their rightful owners and or heirs and
not to your State or Government.  Unbelievable as it seems over $400 BILLION in assets goes unclaimed every year simply because the owners did not have the foresight to make sure that their loved ones could find them after their death.


Body Building

Helps make significant changes to your body with a full diet and exercise plan which will take you from puny to powerful in just 12 weeks


The Secrets of Successful Stroke Survival

Learn the life transforming view of life after stroke, and discover the new and beautiful ways to improve the quality of your life, even in the face of adversity…


For unusual gifts for that someone special, together with activities, craft projects, kids activities and decoration ideas to brighten the festive season


Effective Acne Products

For a wide range of information and products that address the problem of acne fast that actually work!





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